I love ideas and dreaming of the possibilities. Brainstorming comes naturally to me but I know it does not always come as easily to others. That's why I want to use my talents to help business owners develop a clear vision for their business so they can attract new customers both on and off the Internet. 

My passion for what I do and who I serve comes from the drive, energy and creativity I see in others.

It's not just putting for birdie or grilled cheese sandwiches that excite me...

I am a Marketing Coach for Small Business.

My Values:

• Choose community over competition
• Stay open minded and be challenged 
• To always lead with a kind heart

I've been at this design and marketing game for a long time.

I have a helped many businesses over the last 10 years with their logo creation, branding, website and marketing materials as a graphic designer. On top of that, I have started a few businesses of my own so I understand the struggle when it comes to bringing your business online. 

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Creating an online presence doesn't have to break the bank.

If you're a local business who has been hesitant to enter the online space, I've got the tools you need to get started right now below.